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Two Women at Target Fight Over Last Storage Container After Watching Marie Kondo’s Netflix Show


A frenzy broke out at the local Target store on Friday close to the store’s closing time. According to onlookers, two women were caught fighting over the last 3 drawer storage organizer left in the store. Reportedly, 35 year-old Cameron Reeves had chased 32 year-old Liz Case through the home goods department and down towards the cash registers in pursuit of the 3 drawer organizer. The chase climaxed in front of one of the self checkouts at the front of the store as Liz tried to scan the bin and insert her credit card. Apparently, that’s when Cameron put at twenty dollar bill into the machine in an attempt to pay for the item herself.

Store manager, Harvey Yelle, told us that it first appeared that the two women may have been playing some sort of game or that they were familiar with one another in some way. However, upon further inspection, Mr. Yelle and some of his other employees were able to deduce that the women were fighting over the organizer.

“They were yelling at each other. Both of them were claiming to have put their hands on the organizer before the other one did,” stated one employee.

Once the staff realized what was happening, Mr. Yelle called in mall security since the Target was is anchor store of the Pinecrest Shopping Mall. When security arrived the women were still trying to pay the remainder of the cost of the 3 drawer organizer. Although Cameron had inserted a twenty dollar bill, there was still $5.00 remaining on the balance with taxes and the additional cost. To which, Liz was trying to pay with her credit card.

Mall security intercepted the fighting and asked both women to please come with him to the mall office for questioning.

When we were finally able to reach each of the women a few days after the ordeal they both had a different story to tell. Cameron Reeves told us that she was, “just going in to Target for a few things before the snowstorm hit the Northeast.” Mrs. Reeves said that as she rounded the home good section of the store she laid her eyes upon the multi-colored storage container and decided to purchase it.

Cameron said, “I had just finished watching Marie Kondo’s show on Netflix the night before and thought I could spend the snowstorm organizing my master bedroom since we’d likely be trapped in the house for a day or so. The show gave me the push I needed to organize, you know?”

She then went on to say that was when Liz Case came barreling around the corner and grabbed the organizer in one swift move. Also, that’s when Cameron decided to leave her cart of other goods and chase after Ms. Case.

“I wanted that organizer and I was like 3 feet away from it, getting ready to grab it and she just swiped it out of my hands basically! Who does that?” stated Cameron.

From the other perspective, Liz Case told us that she had casually walked towards the organizer and was slowly strolling towards the check out when she noticed Cameron was chasing her.

Liz stated, “I don’t know what happened. I had the 3 drawer organizer in my hands. I had went to Target specifically for that because I wanted to get my bathroom fixed up with tips from that Netflix show where the pretty asian woman organizes stuff. You know the one? Anyways, then I was going to try and pay for it but this crazy lady started chasing me through the store. What do you do when you are being chased? Well…you run of course!”

At last report, neither Liz or Cameron were being charged with anything by mall security or local police. Both women were released on their own recognizance but were not allowed to reenter that Target store that evening. When we spoke to the store manager he admitted that with the impending snowstorm and the release of “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” on Netflix the store had not been able to keep milk, bread, eggs or home storage and organizing containers in stock for more than a few hours. He hopes to get a truck in with all of these things after the storm passes.

* This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental and Pinecrest mall is not a real place 😉